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Hydraulic Truck Cranes

Similar in design to all-terrain cranes, the hydraulic truck cranes are known for their fast setup and quick lifts. Most models are road legal, although a few may require a support truck for counterweight.
GROVE 11147
Manufacturer: Grove
Model: TM9150
Year: 1996
Capacity: 150 tons
GROVE 11163
Manufacturer: Grove
Model: GMK5175
Year: 1997
Capacity: 175
GROVE 11164
Manufacturer: Grove
Model: GMK5175
Year: 1992
Capacity: 175 tons
GROVE 11179
Manufacturer: Grove
Model: GMK 5240
Year: 2002
Capacity: 240 tons
Link Belt HTC1170
Manufacturer: Link Belt
Model: HTC1170
Year: 1994
Capacity: 70 Tons
Manufacturer: Link Belt
Model: HTC-8690II
Year: 2007
Capacity: 90 tons